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Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

Despite this many people do not think to have their mattresses professionally cleaned. The main reason for people not thinking about mattress cleaning is that they are not aware of all the allergens and dust mites that are present on their mattresses. So, the question is how can we clean our mattresses to remove these things. You can’t put your mattress in the washing machine like your clothes. A mattress cleaning service can be booked with our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne service.

Over the years we have dealt with many situations and many different cleaning scenarios in relation to mattresses. Whatever the situation is let us know and we will always do our best to help. We have been involved with many situations of cleaning urine from mattresses so do not hesitate to call us as we are here to help.


Quality Mattress Cleaning and Stain Removal Expertise Melbourne

The skilled and fully qualified technician you’ve booked will bring a hot water extraction cleaning machine, which is appropriate for use on most types of mattresses (memory foam, latex, pillow top, etc.). Then, the service will consist of:

  • Vacuuming of the mattress – The specialist will remove dust, skin flakes, pet hair, pollen and other hard particles with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Inspection and efficient stain treatment – Any marks, water stains and mouldy spots, if applicable, will be pretreated with a suitable stain removal product.
  • Steam cleaning the mattress – Last but not least, the technician will clean the bed piece with hot water extraction equipment, which will eliminate soiling and stains with excellent results. (Note that old and stubborn marks or stains that were treated incorrectly in the past, may be impossible to remove completely).

Keep in mind that the drying time varies (from 4 to 6 hours), depending on the conditions of the room. You could always turn on a fan or a heater to speed up the drying process, especially in case of a move out cleaning when you are short on time.

Note that if both sides of the mattress have been cleaned, it will take longer for it to dry.

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Available in Brisbane

When was the last time you had your mattress professionally cleaned? At Unify Cleaning Services in Melbourne, we offer same day mattress cleaning services to remove dirt and grime, as well as best-in-class stain removal techniques. Our team is trained to handle all types of mattresses, allowing us to provide comprehensive cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients.

Don’t wait until your old mattress becomes their home for dust mites and bacteria – call us today for the best mattress cleaning in Melbourne. Investing in regular cleanings not only improves the appearance and longevity of your matftress, but it also promotes a healthier sleep environment for you and your family. Trust the experts at Unify Cleaning Services for all of your mattress cleaning needs in Melbourne.

Mattress Cleaning Melbourne

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